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Latex Molds and Resin Casting Tutorial by NeferCosplay

it doesn’t hurts until someone you look up to points it out

it doesn’t hurts until someone you look up to points it out


new buddyfight ep more like tears streaming down my face

new buddyfight ep more like tears streaming down my face




Hey everyone!

As some of you may know already, in late August I moved in with my best friend and her mom so I could clear up some legal issues I have that could not be done in the state I was living in. Said issues involve my documentation and trying to prove that I am a US born citizen.Long story short, it’s been a pain and it’s sucking me dry of money— money I don’t really have to begin with.

We’ve already invested around $600 into this and I’m still not done. In order to make any progress I need $105 to get a passport, plus $60 if I want to have it take 3 weeks instead of 4-6, and $40 to order copies of my parents’ birth certificates. Even if this works, I’ll still have more paperwork to send in which means more money spent. Filing for most documentation is around $20-60 depending on what it is.

My family is struggling as is with debts and bills to pay and my roommate and her mother are just barely getting by. Even so, we’re worried about being able to pay rent this month and all our bills. Since we got broken into three weeks ago and had over $5,000 worth of stuff stolen everyone has been very stressed and on edge. They’re working hard to try and get all that sorted out still which means lots of paperwork and talking to police.

I cannot keep expecting for them to take care of everything for me.

I have no source of income. I cannot get a job until I have all this done. I cannot move on with my life until this is all worked out. If I don’t do something to make some money to put towards this, it may end up being another half year before I can apply for my passport.

I’m sorry to pour all this out here, but I’m seriously desperate and at a breaking point.  I could use all the help anyone has to offer; a signal boost or a ‘good luck.’ If you could just pass this along to anyone you think may be interested, I would greatly, greatly appreciate it! I’m happy to work with anyone and discuss ideas.


Full Colored Full Body: $30 

Full Colored Waist up: $20 

Full Colored Headshot: $10

Colored Sketch: $10

Full Colored Chibi: $10

Background : + $10 (Otherwise, you’ll get a transparent background or a single color background. Depending on complexity the price may go up.)

Extra characters: + $10 

If you’re interested please send an e-mail to yellow.pomelos@gmail.com.

All transactions are done through paypal. Once your picture is finished, I’ll send you a sample/watermarked version. Then I’ll send you my paypal info, you pay, and I send the full image.

Again, I’m sorry for having to clog your dashes with all this. ;;;

Thank you all for your time and attention! I hope you have a wonderful day.

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